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The original Clubstore locations started popping up just a few years ago on the East Coast. As the 8th store installment, here in St. Louis, we are quickly growing and off to the races!With years of retail experience from big box stores, the amount of merchandise that is tossed out and never sold to the customer is simply astounding. To help paint the picture, would you throw out a new pair of shoes because you lost the box? Do you dispose of an entire package of toilet paper after using the first roll? Is one piece of toast one too many for the new chrome toaster? Of course not! We don’t do this in our homes, but far too often retailers nationwide toss out these items selling them at deep discounts to salvage purchasers because most of the time the items are not aesthetically pleasing.

At Clubstore, we look past these minor defects in our products and packaging. We see a perfectly good item beneath it all and because of this, we are able to sell products to our customers at a deep discount from retail prices – many times around 30% to 70% off. That includes the “Member’s Only” prices charged by warehouses, which we beat as well.

When we get our shipments, they can be as many as 30 pallets, each over 7ft. tall! Each of the boxes in the pallet can include towels, bed sheets, pillows, luggage, trash cans, grocery, cookware, appliances, even kayaks and gun safes! We have compared unloading a truck to Christmas morning since we never know exactly what we are receiving!

We are constantly putting out new merchandise, so every day there is something new and unique! Be sure to keep checking in, so you can take advantage of the best deals before they are gone!


Location 9981 Manchester Rd Saint Louis, MO 63122-1915 Phone 1-(314)-287-7225 Hours Monday - Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
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